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 Для інвесторів презентували план розвитку території колишнього аеродрому

Парк ім.Івана Павла ІІ

На Сихові облаштовують парк духовної культури імені Івана Павла ІІ

Award for the implemented project stadium "Arena Lviv"
Award "Crystal brick" 2014

Award for the implemented project stadium "Arena Lviv"                                                                                                   

Медичний центр ново Укрдизайнгруп udg
Відкриття медичного центру

11 листопада 2014 р., на базі міської комунальної клінічної дитячої лікарні відкрили діагностичний центр  «Центр медичних інновацій Novo»


From the history to the future of the theater, in sketches and projects.

Press conference in theater

Now the account of the National Academic Ukrainian Drama Theater Zankovetska there is 5 million hryvnia

Video presentation of project

Project seminary church dedicated to the Holy Virgin Cathedral prepared by Ukrdesigngroup (UDG)

new building UCU

In innovative academic UCU building that consecrated September 3 completed last work .

Award "Crystal brick"

Award for the implemented project residential area of apartment buildings "Oberih"

union with Tpf group

In October 2012 there was a creative union  of companies "Ukrdesigngroup" and of "TPF Ukraine"

Обличчя міста 2012
awards "Face of the City"

Diploma of the winner of the  contest-promoting XIII  enterprises Lviv  "Face of the City 2012"

Award for the best houses

Award competition for the best houses and buildings are built and put into operation in 2011

Theater allocated 2.5 million

Today the Head of Lviv Regional State Administration Mykhailo Tsymbaliuk promised to cover debts to LLC "UkrDesignGroup" in the amount of 2.5 million grn

Church in Korchyn

Commissioned by the community village  Korchyn Skole district, developed a pre project  to the church at 400 parishioners.

Slavs'ke Olympics

Slavs'ke already preparing for the Olympics in 2022

The idea of ​​the monument

Participation in the first round of competition for the best idea of the monument A. Sheptytskiy

There are ideas

There are ideas would be money. Syhiv: was a sleeping area -  will the cultural  ...

Lviv stores

For three years in Lviv will German supermarkets

Repair theater

Repair theater M. Zankovetska no less important than building a stadium for Euro 2012 - Andrew Matsyak

Building Sykhiv

In Lviv at public hearings on the detailed planning center  Sykhiv  were come 20 people

Natalie efimenko

Do we need in lviv the passages ?

A new pedestrian mall

On the street. Doroshenko soon may be a new pedestrian shopping center


In autumn 2010, the former mayor Bunyak "sweet embroidered" in the city center shopping and office center

mall str. Doroshenko

Mall on the corner of st. Doroshenko - Liberty Avenue will be built by the spring of 2011

Lviv Theatre

Lviv Drama Theatre has chosen the winner of the tender for the reconstruction of the building

Glamorous passage

Glamorous passage, families of ex-mayor of Lviv Bunyak will cuted architectural monument of the curve Lipa

Sports Development Fund

"Sports Development Fund Oleg Luzhnyy" presented his version of Lviv Reconstruction Sports School of Olympic Reserve

"Football Academy" in Lviv

Oleg Luzhny plans to invest 15 million euros in the creation of "Football Academy" in Lviv